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Monday, April 27, 2015 -- 8:12 am
Spring Birds Leaving And Summer Birds Arriving At Neighborhood Montlake Fill
Laurelhurst Blog - Connie Sidles, is a local birding expert who maintains a blog documenting the many types of birds, including beautiful pictures, at the nearby Union Bay Natural Area, also known as the Montlake Fill, and is also author of Fill of Joy and Tales from the Montlake Fill.Here is her most recent birding post:Ducks Unlimited    Spring in Seattle is wild and wonderful, with wind storms thrashing the trees one minute and zephyr breezes merely tussling the tops of the grass stems the next. Spring is the season when we can almost feel the Earth tilting back toward the Sun, bringing the long days that make us and the birds restless, eager to go somewhere, anywhere. Already the summer ducks are arriving, the Cinnamon Teals in full breeding plumage of burnt umber, glowing like fire. Meanwhile, the winter ducks are gathering in flocks to fly north and east to find that one right, best place to nest. Among the last to wrench themselves away are the Buffleheads, our smallest duck. They will be heading out soon to find lonely ponds in the north surrounded by snags with good holes to nest in. Meanwhile, we can enjoy for just a little longer the males' jewel tones, decked out in gems from their iridescent heads to their ruby feet.Here is a poem for you today:I love the gray Seattle spring,the sky tarnished with cloud,the silvery light burnishing the Buffleheadsinto fire opals, dark and light. Read more...
Monday, April 27, 2015 -- 8:09 am
Seattle Opera Preview Of "Ariadne auf Naxos" Tomorrow Night At NE Branch Library
Laurelhurst Blog - The Northeast branch of the Seattle Public Library (6801 35th Avenue NE) is having a free preview lecture tonight at 6:30pm of Seattle Opera's upcoming production of Strauss' "Ariadne auf Naxos."The information says::Join us for a preview lecture of Richard Strauss' comedy where a wealthy patron commissions two pieces of entertainment for a private dinner party: an opera based on the myth of Ariadne in exile, and a capering troupe of clowns for comic relief. The catch: the two acts must perform simultaneously so a fabulous pyrotechnics display can conclude the evening as promised. Seattle Opera's acclaimed production delivers a deliciously theatrical mix of lowbrow comedy and high art, offering surprises and delights at every turn.For more information go here.(photo courtesy of SPL) Read more...
Friday, April 24, 2015 -- 8:10 am
Where Did Blackberry Go Near Yesler Swamp?
Laurelhurst Blog - Fred, with Friends of Yesler Swamp, sent the Blog Staff email saying: "The neighbors may be curious about the mowing on the corner of 41st and Surber. Here is information about it:Where Did the Invasive Blackberry Go?Apr 21st, 2015 by Fred Hoffer  Friends of Yesler Swamp and UW Botanical Gardens asked Lisa Ciecko from the Seattle Parks Department to mow the banks on the corner of NE 41st Street and Surber Avenue. It happens that that land is owned by Seattle Parks. There is a lot of native plant restoration and ADA trail building in the swamp that the neighbors cannot see due to the invasive Himalayan blackberry on the slopes. So now the blackberry is mowed. Our restoration biologists did not want any invasive plants reseeding all of our restoration work. You will have to invade Talaris or another site if you have a craving for invasive blackberry fruit this summer.  We found a shopping cart among the blackberries and filled it with other items hidden on the slopes.David Zuckerman from the Botanical Gardens also saw rats scurrying into the swamp as the mower approached. The mower, John, from Seattle Parks was very careful not to damage any native trees or native plantings placed by UW Capstone groups over the years or as recently as last weekend.   We will be meeting next week to discuss how to keep the blackberry under control and what to replant. Read more...
Friday, April 24, 2015 -- 8:07 am
Annual Arboretum Plant Sale This Week-end At Magnuson
Laurelhurst Blog - The annual " FlorAbundance Spring Plant Sale" is happening tomorrow from 9-5pm and Sunday 9-2pm at Magnuson Park.The information says:Stock up on high-quality perennials, vegetables, shrubs and trees. This magnificent sale, the largest in the Puget Sound region, features dozens of top specialty nurseries and vendors selling a wide selection of choice, locally-grown plants. You'll find trees, shrubs, beautiful conifers, native plants, vegetable starts, species and hybrid rhododendrons, favorite and rare perennials, unusual annuals, glorious groundcovers, grasses, vines, and more.  Benefit from the advice of gardening experts, who'll be roving the aisles (in yellow aprons) to help with plant selections. And look for the colored surveyor flags, which will mark the favorite plants of Ciscoe Morris and Bob Lilly at the sale this year!  What to look for this year:·           Grafted tomatoes (they're so hot right now!) from Log House Plants·           A fabulous collection of heirloom vegetables and tomatoes·           The best selection of clematis anywhere·           All the perennials you never knew you wanted·           Unusual shrubs from Colvos Creek and Robinwood nurseries·           And much, much more! For more information go here.  Read more...
Thursday, April 23, 2015 -- 7:47 am
Windermere President's Home For Sale Near Beach Club
Laurelhurst Blog - The president of Windermere, OB Jacobi, recently put his on the market for $3.2 million. The house is long and narrow house and is just a few doors down from the Beach Club on Laurelcrest Lane. It has many interesting features - mostly made of concrete, built right up against the hillside to maximize the space and fit onto the narrow lane, directly across the street from the beachfront homes, to mention a few. OB's father and family reside in a beachfront property just adjacent.Kim Dales, an agent with Windermere, told the Blog Staff that "it is not waterfront, but feels like it and of course you can just walk down the lane to the Beach Club. The home is custom built, well maintained, and is original owner."Business Journals recently posted this information:Patti Payne's Cool Pads: OB Jacobi, president of Windermere Realty, lists home for $3.25 millionOne of realty's local royalty, OB Jacobi, president of Windermere Realty, is selling his 6,100-square-foot home in Laurelhurst. It just came on the market for $3.25 million.Jacobi built it 11 years ago on Laurelhurst Lane, a private lane and now is moving a short distance away, downsizing to a neighborhood nearby. Jacobi lived on this same lane in Laurelhurst when he was 10 years old. Years later, when he was 28, and when a property became available, he chose to build right across the street from his father. That property he bought had an old house dating back to the 1920s which had become dilapidated. Jacobi chose to take it down and build a large stately Craftsman-style home with concrete and steel "bones," as he describes it, steady as a rock. "There are 300 cubic yards of concrete in that house," he says. The floors are about five inches thick and there is radiant heat under the flooring. On the inside you wouldn't know it's steel and concrete, as it is designer-done, with an open floor plan and distinctive contemporary finishes. Located across the street from Lake Washington, the home has a long footprint so that almost every room has a stunning water view. "The whole thing is oriented to the lake," Jacobi says. Honeyed tones and earthy textures run throughout the more than three stories of living space which includes open living and dining areas and an inviting chef's kitchen with array of sophisticated stainless appliances. Next to the kitchen is a luxurious outdoor living room with views of Lake Washington and Mt. Rainier. There are four bedrooms in the home. The master suite, with its walk-in closets, has a spa bath and fireplace. There are five wood burning fireplaces throughout the home, a game room, theater, two offices and a wine cellar with a Mediterranean feel.         Jacobi's favorite things about the home? "It's on a lane that is super safe for kids. No cars drive by. It is four doors down from the beach club where my kids go all the Read more...
Thursday, April 23, 2015 -- 7:39 am
Have You Seen This Cat?
Laurelhurst Blog - The Blog Staff received this email:My elderly neighbor is missing her cat,  named Tiger.  He disappeared April 20th from the 5300 block of West Laurelhurst Drive. He is a black striped, gray/brown Tabby. Tiger is male, neutered, elderly and quite skinny. If you have seen Tiger or have any information please call 206 522 7389 or email Read more...
Wednesday, April 22, 2015 -- 8:03 am
Hospital Asks Neighbors To Report Children's Hospital Employees Parking In Neighborhood
Laurelhurst Blog -   Employees of Children's Hospital are not allowed to park anywhere in the neighborhood, Jim Sawyer, Director of Security Services at the Hospital, told the Laurelhurst Blog.And from emails the Laurelhurst Blog has received, seems there are many areas in the neighborhood  that employees are regularly parking in - corner of NE 45th Street and 45th Avenue NE, corner of NE 45th Street and 43rd Avenue NE, 41st Avenue NE, up and down NE 45th Street and several others. Several residents on the Boulevard said trucks have to go up on the median to avoid Hospital employee cars parked on the corner of the Boulevard and NE 45th Street. Just recently the median was damaged extensively from a large truck trying to make the turn while going around a car parked on the corner.One resident said that "vehicles can't make the turn due to cars parking on the corner, usually Children's Hospital employees, who then walk to work across the street."Jim said " Staff and contractors cannot park on neighborhood streets. They are advised to park in assigned areas without exception."He added:Security actively tickets the streets and attempt to respond to all complaints within an hour. This is a priority for our patrol and enforcement team. We patrol and ticket the streets regardless of whether we receive calls or not. IF one of our neighbors calls we have and will give their concern priority response. It again is a priority for our team. There are NO assigned  parking areas in the neighborhoods - ALL assigned areas are on hospital property or in one of our designated off site lots. I will note that we advise staff there is NO cut off street distance-all street parking is unauthorized. By cut off distance we mean-if an employee were to ask "If I park a mile and a half away and walk in-is that OK"? If-when we field these questions we answer NO-you need to park in your assigned area if you drive-there is no amnesty so to speak if you park a greater distance away. If an employee is a repeat offender it becomes a  serious performance issue which could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. To report illegal cars, Jim advised to contact Security at 206-987-2030 (answered 24/7), or call Tom Cheshier, Enforcement Officer, at 206-987-2489. Jim added that he has sent reminders to staff and are working on drafting another message to the employees.(graphic courtesy of Car Stock photo)   Read more...
Wednesday, April 22, 2015 -- 7:55 am
Beetles Storytime At Neighborhood Miller Library On Saturday
Laurelhurst Blog - Miller Library, located in Laurelhurst at the UW Botanic Gardens (3501 NE 41st Street)  is holding its monthly story time Saturday at 10:30am with the theme of beetles and ladybugs.The information says: Learn about ladybugs and other beetles and get a peek at their tiny world in these three books. Learn how scientists are looking for volunteers of all ages to observe ladybugs in their neighborhoods. After the stories, please come to the Program Room to play a bug game and put together a bug puzzle.    Books to be read are:BIG BUG by Henry Cole THE BEETLE BOOK by Steve Jenkins CITIZEN SCIENTISTS by Loree Griffin BurnsStorytime is geared towards children ages 3 to 8 and celebrate gardens, plants and nature. All ages and their families are welcome. Read more...
Tuesday, April 21, 2015 -- 7:49 am
Some Very Large Neighborhood Homes For Sale
Laurelhurst Blog - (51st Avenue NE home for sale (photo courtesy of Seattle P-I)Three interesting homes for sale (3006 Webster Point, 3368 E Laurelhurst Drive, 3855 51st Avenue NE) were recently mentioned with many photos, in the Seattle P-I saying:It's no secret that Laurelhurst is a spendy area. The median list price of homes in the area is $1.472 million, according to Trulia. Given the location of the area, though, it's easy to see why prices are so high. Sandwiched between Union Bay and Lake Washington, many homes  have stunning views of Mount Rainier and the Cascades.These three Laurelhurst homes range between $3.28 million and $4.888 million. Click through to see photos of their lavish amenities, from personal rock climbing walls to private lakeside docks.Kim Dales, a long-time  Windermere agent focusing on Laurelhurst, added another home to this list at 3140 East Laurelhurst Drive. Kim said it has a lovely cottage down by the water. Below are pictures of this property.For more information Kim can be reached at 206.235.777 or level deckStairway to waterfront dock and cottage(photos courtesy of Bizjournals) Read more...
Tuesday, April 21, 2015 -- 7:48 am
NEST Talk On Nutrition Thursday
Laurelhurst Blog - NEST (Northeast Seattle Together) (5751 33rd Avenue NE)  which supports Northeast Seattle elder neighbors through a network of volunteers and vendors, is havingi a special "NEST Wellness Party" on Thursday from 1-2:30pm.The information says: We will be talking about nutrition with area expert David Edman. Discussion will be followed by 30 minutes of fun, low-impact exercise led by the one-and-only Lisa Stuebing of Mud Puddle Fitness.  The event is free for NEST members, $10 donation appreciated from non-NEST members. Location is at the Faith Lutheran Church (8208 18th Avenue NE). Refreshments provided.NEST is a non-profit grassroots operation serving NE Seattle seniors by creating a "virtual village" to helping them be able to stay in their own homes and neighborhoods they love. Volunteers provide companionship, care, as well as help seniors with a wide range of services, including gardening, computer help and more. to seniors aging in their homes. Ongoing classes (fitness, etc) are also offered, as well as access to events, transportation services, and various services (such as estate planners) who provide their services at a discount to members. For more information go here or call 206-525-6378. Read more...
Monday, April 20, 2015 -- 8:16 am
"Where Did Birds Come From" Lecture Tonight With Connie Sidles At Center For Urban Horticulture
Laurelhurst Blog - Cedar Waxwing photo taken at Union Bay Natural AreaArchaeopteryx, the first fossil of a bird with dinosaurian features    Connie Sidles, a local birding expert who maintains a blog documenting the many types of birds, including beautiful pictures, at the nearby Union Bay Natural Area, also known as the Montlake Fill, is having a class called "Where Did Birds Come From" tonight from 7-8:30pm at  the Center for Urban Horticulture (3501 NE 41st Street).The information says:Union Bay Natural Area hosts some 259 different species of birds, everything from the largest swans to the tiniest songbirds. Some of our birds are so dull they have almost no color at all, though their voices can be very sweet. Other birds croak like frogs but glisten like gems.  Where did this spectacular diversity come from? This class will introduce you to the latest discoveries of fossil birds and their ancestors, and the most current theories about how birds have evolved from the distant past.  Connie Sidles is a master birder and author of two books, Fill of Joy and Tales From The Montlake Fill, and is a long-time member of Seattle Audubon Society. Cost for lecture is $20 and registration is here.   Read more...
Monday, April 20, 2015 -- 8:07 am
NEST Poetry Gathering On Aging Today At Magnuson
Laurelhurst Blog - NEST (Northeast Seattle Together) (5751 33rd Avenue NE)  which supports Northeast Seattle elder neighbors through a network of volunteers and vendors, is continuing its  free NEST Café series today at 2pm at Magnuson celebrating National Poetry Month with "For the Love and Fear of Poetry!"The information says:NEST member and Faculty Emeritus at North Seattle College, Marilyn Layton will lead us in enjoying a few memorable poems on love, aging, and other relevant encounters. Marilyn does not like inaccessible poetry or poets, so rest assured that you will be able to understand and enjoy the poems we'll be sharing! Coffee and tea provided. NEST is a non-profit grassroots operation serving NE Seattle seniors by creating a "virtual village" to helping them be able to stay in their own homes and neighborhoods they love. Volunteers provide companionship, care, as well as help seniors with a wide range of services, including gardening, computer help and more. to seniors aging in their homes. Ongoing classes (fitness, etc) are also offered, as well as access to events, transportation services, and various services (such as estate planners) who provide their services at a discount to members. For more information go here or call 206-525-6378. Read more...
Friday, April 17, 2015 -- 8:05 am
More Yesler Swamp History
Laurelhurst Blog - The Friends of Yesler Swamp, located in Laurelhurst, has published a variety of posts regarding the history of Yesler Swamp, including history of the area from settlement, sawmill, town of Yesler, historic photos, videos, source notes and more.The website says: Most people know that Henry Yesler once ran a mill in downtown Seattle at the foot of what we now call Yesler way. But what does Yesler Swamp have to do with the famous Seattle pioneer? Find out the answer to this and lots more.  Here is one of the excerpts from their Blog about the town of Yesler in Laurelhurst, which originally provided housing for the saw mill workers which was a thriving community.THE TOWN OF YESLER SURVIVESIn 1888, Yesler platted the Town of Yesler to provide housing for the mill workers. The town was laid out to the north of the mill and to the northwest of Yesler Swamp. The town extended from its south border on Front Street (now NE 41st Street) to Wilkes Street on the west (now approximately the western border of Talaris) and north to Railroad Street (now NE 45th Street).Plat of Town of YeslerHomes were built, and the Town of Yesler became a thriving community. Some of the original houses are still standing.Photo courtesy of Paul Dorpat.The Town of Yesler post office opened in 1890 with Theron W. Peck as the first postmaster. Peck distributed the mail for sawmill workers from a boarding house that he ran.[32] One lot in the Town of Yesler was also set aside in 1891 for a church.[33]In 1892, Yesler School District No. 77 opened a one room schoolhouse for the children in the Town of Yesler.[34] Children from Laurelhurst also attended Yesler School, which they reached by walking west across Yesler Creek.[35]Photo courtesy of Paul DorpatIn 1910, Seattle incorporated the Town of Yesler as part of the city.[36] Henry Yesler died before the town became a thriving community, but his legacy survives in the neighborhood still designated as the "Town of Yesler Addition."[37] Read more...
Thursday, April 16, 2015 -- 7:50 am
Drop-In Chess Today At Northeast Branch Library
Laurelhurst Blog - The Northeast Branch (6801 35th Avenue N.E)of the Seattle Public Library is offering "Drop-in Chess" for ages 5-18, today from 5:30-7:30pm. The information says:Come play a game of chess! Children, tweens and teens are invited to drop by for fun and casual games of chess.   Chess puzzles and basic chess instruction also available.All skill levels are welcome. Chess sets and guidance by an adult chess coach will be available.For more information go here. Read more...
Wednesday, April 15, 2015 -- 8:00 am
March Laurelhurst Real Estate Summary
Laurelhurst Blog - Thanks to Kim Dales for providing us with this neighborhood real estate activity monthly report.  Kim can be reached at 206.235.777 or Madness happened in Laurelhurst month with a strong showing of 6 new listings, 6 pending listings, and 4 sold homes. As has been the trend, we continue to have very low days on market if a home is perceived to be well priced by buyers, and of course the fact that our inventory citywide remains extremely low! The median home price in March was $1,002,250 with only an average of 8 days on the market.NEW LISTINGSPrice                                   Quantity                   DOM* $850,000 - $899,999            1                              7 $900,000 - $949,999            1                             2 1,000,000 - 1,249,999         1                            14 $2,000,000                           3Total                                     6Median Price = $2,575,000PENDINGPrice                                   Quantity                   DOM $850,000 - $899,999                    1                              7 $900,000 - $949,999                    1             & Read more...
Tuesday, April 14, 2015 -- 8:46 am
Video Of Eagle Nest Activity At Talaris
Laurelhurst Blog - Last month the Laurelhurst Blog staff reported that the eagle nest, in a large tree just off of 41st Avenue NE on the Talaris property, has been filled with activity. The Blog staff continues to receive eyewitness accounts of the goings-on:We have been actively recording the eagle activity since before the first pair built the nest.  They started roosting in the area the summer before they built the nest.  Historically they have laid their eggs the last week of March every year, so we are on watch now.The "intruder"  bird seen in March, was likely a chick from the previous year.  I saw it the other day near the occupied nest whistling for food.  The second adult, presumedly the male, was near by and ignoring the pleading.  If it had been a stranger there would have been a fight, which we have seen in the past.  The male bird is the nest "owner", this time of year he brings food offerings to the lady, who dines in,  to win her favors.   Once the eggs are laid, takes several days, the pair trade off keeping things warm. We counted 4 eagles at 2:10 PM on the 20th of March. On April 1st, I captured what I could from the video on my phone. There was one in the nest, then this one flew in. There's a younger one perched by the nest, while another one circled around. So, we saw 4 at one time.  I'm guessing that the branches are going to be leafing out, so it's going to be difficult to see the nest soon. There's a tree on East Laurelhurst Dr. where a couple has mated over that past 3 years. Very entertaining for the neighbors! I have an awesome photo from February last year (shown above). Here is the video: Read more...
Monday, April 13, 2015 -- 7:13 am
Spring Egg Hunt A Success Thanks To Volunteers And Great Community Participation
Laurelhurst Blog - Cara with the Laurelhurst Community Center sent this follow-up message about this year's Spring Egg Hunt:Thank you to the several hundred community members who attended our annual spring egg hunt on April 4th, at the Park.  We lucked out with a beautiful day and a great turn out of kids and families.   Thank you to those families who donated candy and/or eggs.  Over 4,000 eggs were scattered among four age groups, which only took seconds to be swooped up by many little hands!  A big thank you to all our volunteers and staff for taking the time to come and help make our event a success!   This event relies largely on a great group of volunteers, some veterans and some new, and of course our hard working staff as well.  You left big smiles on the faces of a lot of kids and families and made fun memories for them! We hope everyone enjoyed the event and look forward to next year! Read more...
Friday, April 10, 2015 -- 8:19 am
Laurelhurst Community Center Open House Tonight
Laurelhurst Blog -  Laurelhurst Community Center  Tonight from 6-8pm the Laurelhurst Community Center, will be holding an Open House, with an opportunity for people to come in and meet instructors, ask questions and see what is offered.   The invitation says:Bring the family for an evening of class demonstrations and information.  Meet instructors and learn about the programs we offer you and your family.  Please bring ideas for new programs that we can offer our community! ·         Toddler Programs - Little Wings Music Song Circle @ 7pmo   Ballet, Pottery, Sportball, Drop in Play, Little Wings Music·         Youth Programs and Summer Campso   Piano lessons, Nerf Soccer, Pottery, Sportball, Writing Camp, Lego Camp, Sports Camps·         Adult Programso   Pilates, Cardio, Conditioning, Tai Chi, Yoga, American Mahjong, Pottery·         Pre-K Enrichment Classeso   Partnership program with LASER Childcare Rising Stars Pre-K Readiness·         Check out our rental spaces for your next party or event!o   Birthday Parties, Graduations, Wedding Receptions and more Read more...
Friday, April 10, 2015 -- 8:17 am
New Community Driven Radio Stations From Magnuson Go On Air Early Next Year
Laurelhurst Blog -  A new community radio station at Magnuson, serving Laurelhurst and other neighborhoods within 3-5 miles of the park, should be on the air by early 2016, with community-driven non-commercial programs.SPACE (Sand Point Arts and Cultural Exchange) received an FCC permit to operate a low-power FM radio station, KMGP-LP 101.1 from noon-midnight, seven days a week, operating on the energy of a 100-watt light bulb.The station will serve Laurelhurst, Lake City, University District, Kirkland and Green Lake. Sabrina Roach, with Brown Paper Tickets Doer Program, is a fulll time advocate to help the SPACE community radio station, as well as 12 other community radio stations approved by the FCC to serve Puget Sound, as a "philanthropy in action" initiative for healthier communities.    She said, "this is big news for everyone in the NE Seattle area. She added:Communities are about to have a much larger voice on local airwaves.  Like our public libraries and community centers, community radio offers hands-on access and connection, education and entertainment that feeds and strengthens our neighborhoods.   It adds another dimension to public services; it acts like 'community glue,' building bridges among unlikely groups of people representing different interests and demographics. Two additional radio stations have applied for low-power radio licenses that would also serve Laurelhurst and other nearby neighborhoods, and are currently awaiting FCC Approval. They are: Earth On-the-Air Independent Media / 96.9 FM / Serving: University District, Montlake, Fremont, Capitol Hill, Belltown, Queen Anne, Ravenna, Bryant, Green Lake, Laurelhurst, Windermere, Madison Park and parts of Madrona, Greenwood, Magnolia and Ballard.Fulcrum Community Communications / 107.3 FM / Serving: Ballard, Magnolia, Queen Anne, Fremont, University District, Green Lake, Montlake, Bryant and parts of Greenwood and Capitol Hill. Here is the full list of proposed broadcast coverage maps and information for all new FCC approved low power FM radio stations, and a place to sign-up for email updates on any of the newly-approved radio stations is available at:  Here is a sample program schedule. Here is how to get involved and donate.Proposed broadcast coverage maps and information for all stations with FCC construction permits, plus the two additional Seattle-based applicants awaiting FCC approval are here.  .   Read more...
Thursday, April 9, 2015 -- 9:05 am
Lop-Eared Rabbit Found
Laurelhurst Blog -   The Laurelhurst Blog received this email:We found a lop-eared rabbit yesterday evening, Wednesday, April 8th. It was nibbling grass on NE 42nd Street near 48th Avenue NE.  Is anyone missing him?  Please contact for more information. Read more...

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